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If you are in internet marketing, you may know those fact:

"Content is King"

No matter whether you are an experienced guru or a complete newbie, as long as you have a website or ever sell a product on internet, you must acknowledge as a website owner "Content is King". Generally the more useful and interesting content a website has the more successful it will be. Marketers use content to drive target traffic to their websites to sell their products and services. So why content is so important? This is because first,more people will want to visit it again and again, this is especially true if a website is constantly adding more and more content on a regular basis be it articles, tutorials, news and opinion or whatever. And secord search engines love unique and relevant content. People perform searches via search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.) and the search engines return a list of relevant websites. It is a proved fact that the higher the website is ranked in search engines, the more targeted traffic that the website will receive, and consequently the more sales that website will make. There are many factors that can have an impact on the ranking of a website in search engines. *Unique Content* is one of the most important! If the content on your website is very unique, the seach engines tend to index your website more quickly and rank it higher.

No Time to Get Enough Content

In order to get content, marketers and webmasters usually have to write the contents themselves, or hire a ghost writers to do it for them, or find content from other websites,ebooks,newsletters,etc. This process can be very time consuming and prohibitively expensive.

In the past I tried my best to find all kinds of content. I worked day and night on them in the mistaken belief that as long as I worked hard, I could have nice and enough content for my several sites. However, I soon found out that I was 100% wrong, I *never* finished my work on time, it is endless work! Simply because visitors and search engine like fresh content, they want new content everyday, and I just did not have enough time to find and add content! Lazy men like me can not long persist in those works. So I ask myself: How can I make the process more efficient, quicker and easier?

What is Full Text Rss?

Full text rss feed or known as full content rss is that Rss Feeds offer full text about its articles or pages. But unfortunately most rss feeds online are partial rss,usually only offer title,description or part of content in rss. If you interesting it,you need go to its web site to find more.

What can we do for you?

Our system can automatically convert 90% of partial rss to full text rss.Sign up an account from us,creat a new rss project,add original partial rss link and a few setting,that' all.Our system will do rest of work,You will get a new full text rss link instantly,and it will update automatically every hour!Further more,our system support let you customize your contents.For example,you can get a full rss with custom content from a forum,convert all reply post as content in rss;you can use content rewrite function to rewrite title and all content and get your new contents automatically.

Then you may ask:How to use our full rss feed? Well,lots of popular website system support import rss feed directly now,such as vBulletin. And many website system such as Wordpress,Joomla,Simple Machines Forum,etc have Rss Import Plugin to do same job. Add a few full rss feed to your website in those system, your job is done! We will generate content to your site automatically!

Our system not install anything in your computer. With the user-friendly tools, you can learn how to use our system in 10 minutes.

Hundreds of Articles *Quickly* and *Easily*

Well lets see features in

  • Automatically Convert Partial Rss to Full Text Rss
  • Multi-Language Rss Supported
  • HTML Tag Filter
  • Title and Content Replace
  • Keywords Related Function
  • Content Cycle Function
  • Pagination Function
  • Convert all pages in a directory to full content rss
  • Convert all links you offer to full content rss
  • Rewrite Content Automatically

Screenshot 1: member center


Screenshot 2: Full Rss List

Screenshot 3: Full Rss Main Setting

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So what can you get to become our member?

Professional Full Content Rss Generator
HTML Tag Filter
Title and Content Replace
Keywords Related Function
Content Cycle Function
Pagination Function
Links to Full Content Rss Tool
Pages to Full Content Rss
Automatic Rewrite Content Funtion

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